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The Time Is Now exists solely for the purpose of alleviating the suffering of those who find themselves facing economic hardship.

Whether it be through job loss, loss of a spouse who was the primary source of income, extreme medical expenses or other crises they face, an increasing number of people need the additional financial assistance that goes beyond what government, private and religious institutions can provide them.  Because of plant closings, permanent and temporary lay-offs, there are an increasing number of people who find themselves poverty stricken.  Many of them are hardworking people who are chronically under-employed or in subsistence level hourly work that cannot sustain an individual, let alone a family. Many are elderly who cannot survive on government pensions, making them unable to provide for three staple items:  shelter, food, and utilities.

Working with social service agencies, churches, and private referrals, – all of which are verified for the legitimacy of the need – The Time Is Now helps in any number of circumstances where there is no other hope.  Whether it is because all other resources, such as heating assistance, have been exhausted or due to federal and state cutbacks, The Time Is Now is there to help.

To date, Sal has helped an average of 500 extremely poverty-stricken individuals annually for the past 28 years.  The goal always is to meet the human concerns of the suffering.  Assistance ranges from restoring utility service to helping with the cost of shelter, and supplying needs, ranging from blankets and heaters to food, toiletries, diapers, and wheel chairs.

The Time Is Now’s mission is further served by strict adherence to its Articles of Incorporation: “No part of any of the monies of the corporation shall inure to the benefit of or be distributable to its officers or directors; there are no director’s fees, no directors’ salaries, no auto expenses and no reimbursements.”

The Time Is Now initially was established with Sal’s own funds once he became successful in the telecommunications industry.  Its base of donors and benefactors has grown steadily, but still Sal finds more Fellow Americans in need than he financially can help alone.

The Time Is Now’s continuing goal is to make sure every cent donated is utilized to provide goods and services, such as food, clothing, utilities, toiletries, automobile assistance, and shelter assistance to help the extremely poverty-stricken children, senior citizens, disabled, and families live more comfortably, improve their quality of life, and remove their pain and suffering.

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Donations may be submitted through our secure server by using the Donation Buttons above or sending a donation to: The Time Is Now To Help - P.O. Box 1, Lake Geneva, WI 53147
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